Watercolor hand-painted clipart


Lemon branch. Watercolor clipart. MyAquarelleGarden.
Fruits & Berries

Summer & Vacation

Hydrangea bouquet. Watercolor clipart. MyAquarelleGarden.
Flowers & Plants
Easter bunny and eggs. Watercolor hand-painted clipart by MyaquarelleGarden
Easter & Spring


Red hearts. Watercoolor hand-painted clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.

Love & Valentine's

Anchor. Watercolor hand-painted clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.

Christmas. Snowman, giftbox, Christmas Eve. Watercolor clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.
Halloween pumpkin. Watercolor hand-painted clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.
Cartoon giraffe. Number four. Watercolor clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.
for Kids


Red cardinal. Birds watercolor clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.

Wild rose wreath. Watercolor cliaprt by MyAquarelleGarden.
Patterns & Wreaths
Wheelbarrow. Gardening watercolor clipart by MyAquarelleGarden.
Gardening & Farm


Lena Kataeva, illustrator, owner MyAquarelleGarden.com

Hello, glad to see you here! 

I am Lena Kataeva, illustrator. These are my watercolor illustrations. I drew them by hand (yes, with brushes on paper), then scanned and made digital clipart sets. The files are PNG and JPG in high resolution (enough to print a big beautiful poster). 

You can use illustrations for:

  •     creating greetings and wedding cards, 
  •     digital scrapbooking,
  •     making planners and stickers,
  •     children's room and party decoration,
  •     and a lot more lovely things you will invent!

See what you can create:

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